Cable protection for Cobots

The universal attachment LSDFB are particularly suitable for robots where there are no screws, flange or stop surfaces in conventional sense.

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Cable protection Systems for Robots

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Reiku GmbH - Since 1969 in the market

REIKU is founded in 1969 by Mr. Hans Hennemann as a loop-hole-seller in the zip-on-plastic-hose sector to a worldwide leading specialist for full range cable protection systems.

As an average size company equiped with its own developing, processing and manufacturing factory located in Wiehl, REIKU is today the name for innovative dynamic of top class quality.


Cable protection - From static to extreme dynamic

Cable protection systems of polyamide for static and dynamic applications form the core business of REIKU - here, we are European market leader.


Robotic & Automation - Efficiency advantages for your production

In the robotic and automation sectors, we take pride in our record of supplying our customers through new developments and innovations with quality cable and system protection.


System sheatings - Good, safe and quick encasement

REIKU System Sheathings with zip closure ensure nearly every applications the  perfect solution - irregardless of whether the cable lines are pre-assembled or not.


GL-Heat protection - Well protected against high heat

REIKU heat protection material GLASO and GLASIL can be applied in areas where wirings and components need to be protected against high temperatures (till 350°C and also till 650°C.)


Fine braided tubings - Get maximum flexibility from REIKU System

FeingeflechtschläucheREIKU fine braided tubings offer a fast and neat solution for protection of cables which need to be pliable during mounting or should remain flexible.


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